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Are All Termite Species Harmful To Houses?

No, of the many species of termites a large number of these feed on grasses, standing trees or decayed timbers. In nature their role is to recycle important nutrients.

The rising demand for Urban Healthy Lifestyle that includes Freedom from Pest, from Microbes and Air Pollutant has led to the development of our products and services. 

indoor air quality
air purification
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urban healthy lifestyle, we spend almost  90% of our time indoor, a good ventilation system helps improve our healthiness

Urban Healthy Lifestyle has become a pressing need? 

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The reality of urbanization and mobilization fosters indoor air pollutants and the easy spread of airborne allergens. Outdoor pollution and air-tight urban living is challenging occupant’s well being and Sick Building Syndrome that impaired productivity @Home or @Work, as we spend more time indoors. Symptoms of allergic reactions including frequent sinusitis and asthmatic attacks, lethargy, and poor concentration calls for an indoor environment assessment. 


We have just the right solution for you, an integrated indoor environment purification and ventilation. Integrated means Modular and Scalable to needs, it is not more costly, but potentially complementing your existing Air conditioning system. It is cost effective, energy saving and has a longer term sustainability. 


*Make an informed decision.

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How Fresh Air Systems Cooperate with Air Conditioners?

January 09


Almost every house and office has an Air Conditioning System, AC. Poorly managed AC can cost a bomb on electricity and maintenance bills. Understanding how your HVAC works is important with the rising cost of living in an urban environment, and the increased time spent indoors.

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Fresh Air Improve Sleep Quality

January 09


On average for a healthy person, we need 8 hours of sleep daily which occupies 1/3 of a day. Based on a 70 years of life expectancy, we spent 23 years of our time sleeping. When sleeping, our body repairs, replenishes, and rejuvenates. Our body is the best natural doctor

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