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SAN-AIR Microbial Control Technology

SAN-AIR™ is a Microbial Control Technology, independently validated to reduce fungal and bacterial bioburden levels within indoor environments. Formulated with over 20 plant active ingredients, SAN-AIR is 100% safe for humans, animals, and the environment.


A Scientific Breakthrough in Natural Organic Chemistry

Created through extensive research and development, the technology capitalizes on the relationship between nature and science to effectively neutralize and control airborne and surface contamination without the use of toxic chemicals.


Natural Air and Surface Purification

An average person spends almost 90% of their time indoors. High levels of indoor bioburden have been linked to many severe health conditions, SAN-AIR decreases the indoor bioburden to levels well below current Australian standards for indoor air:

  • Less than 150 colonies of mold per 1000 liters

  • Less than 1000 colonies of bacteria per 1000 liters


100% Plant Active Ingredients, a.i.

SAN-AIR is made with a proprietary mix of selected Australian organic essential oils, carefully blended to deliver powerful microbial reduction properties at very low dosage. All of these a.i. have specific effects on microbial life and strict controls are utilized to maximize their effect whilst safeguarding their relationship with each other.


Fast-acting Impact on Microbes

Viruses host in bacteria and mold host on particulate matter, such as dust particles and pollen, either in the air or on surfaces. Upon contact, SAN-AIR will cause the germ to die by stopping bacteria from reproducing and mold from receiving oxygen, eliminating their ability to grow, multiply, spread, and infect other parts of the indoor environment. By killing the bacteria, SAN-AIR also causes the viruses to die.


Long-lasting Protection

Once SAN-AIR removes the infestation and the spaces have been cleaned, the product continues working to prevent new infestations from appearing. The SAN-AIR Technology offers a complete solution, from the removal of bacteria and mold to continued lasting protection.


Independently Tested and Validated
  • EUROFINS | AMS (TGA Licence No: MI-15112002-LI-002191-11 APVMA Licence No: 6139)

    • SAN-AIR V3R Liquid - passed TGA Covid-19 test - 99.995% kill on contact

    • SAN-AIR V3R Gel - passed TGA Covid-19 test - 99.995% kill in 10 minutes

  • In accordance with Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) protocols for COVID-19 efficacy claims, SAN-AIR gels and liquids were tested by a NATA accredited laboratory against the Murine Hepatitis Virus (MHV-1) as a surrogate virus for COVID-19.

    • SAN-AIR Liquid passed the TGA Disinfectant Test, Option A, B, and C

    • SAN-AIR liquid is classified as a household & commercial grade disinfectant. The only proven disinfectant that contains 100% natural actives and has no harsh chemicals.

    • SAN-AIR Gel kills 99% of airborne bacteria, fungus, mold, and spores

    • SAN-AIR gel was shown to come into contact with 55% of airborne particles every hour, killing any bacteria or mold traveling on that particle. After 24 hours, the result demonstrated a microbiologically safe indoor environment. Within 24-48 hours, the indoor environment showed a remarkable reduction in airborne contaminants.



    • SAN-AIR kills 99% for fungicidal activity and 99% for sporicidal activity

    • In accordance with TGA protocols, SAN-AIR was tested against representative mold species to determine efficacy against fungus and spores (which are more difficult to kill than fungus).

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