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Fresh Air Improve Sleep Quality

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On average for a healthy person, we need 8 hours of sleep daily which occupies 1/3 of a day. Based on a 70 years of life expectancy, we spent 23 years of our time sleeping. When sleeping, our body repairs, replenishes, and rejuvenates. Our body is the best natural doctor.


The process of restoration demands a large amount of fresh air. Research shows that the human body will release many chemical substances in the process of metabolism, more than 500 kinds and of which 149 kinds are discharged through the respiratory tract, this includes carbon dioxide (CO2) and ammonia.


Prolonged sleeping in a room without ventilation, with high concentrations of carbon dioxide, ammonia, and other air pollutants, deep sleep, and the repairing process will be severely affected. Health experts advise that to improve sleep quality is to create a good sleep environment. A good sleep environment such as room temperature, proper lighting, cleanliness, and good ventilation. 


How to create a good sleep environment?

BROAN Fresh Air Systems, your reliable guardian for good-quality sleep.


  • Continuously discharges dirty indoor air.

  • Continuously dilutes indoor air with outdoor fresh air, oxygen (O2) that the human body needs.

  • Filters outdoor air that is pulled into the room, ensuring the air we breathe in is healthy.

  • Functions as an air purifier, purifying indoor air of airborne pollutants. 

  • Promoting zero odor as it neutralizes formaldehyde and relatively higher oxygen.

  • The system can be remotely controlled and it balances the indoor noise creating a quieter sleeping environment.

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