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BROAN Fresh Air Ventilation

Founded in 1932, BROAN is recognized as the largest manufacturer of residential ventilation in North America. With over 2500 people in seven countries, BROAN helps to meet the requirements of all three major USA green building programs.


Clean fresh air is essential to good health and good ventilation is key. However, the reality of today’s construction constraints, urban living, the inescapable tropical climate, humidity and rapid urbanization, airborne pollutants are commonly trapped indoors. The consequences are Sick Building Syndrome where the development of mold, condensation, and other issues has proven not only detrimental to the structure of your home and business premises, but the wellbeing of its occupants. 


BROAN Systems are designed to introduce fresh air to protect your property and the people who are important to you. BROAN offers a full range of energy-efficient IAQ and ventilation solutions designed to enhance your health and comfort. 


As a world leader for IAQ, BROAN’s compact wall-mounted or floor-standing units are easy to install and operate. Not only do they filter and purify internal air, they also introduce fresh air to keep pollutants such as PM2.5, CO2 and TVOC below recommended levels, in addition to heat exchange for energy recovery.


BROAN compact Duct Ventilators are easily configured for fresh air intake or exhaust modes, producing very low noise, are corrosion resistant, and made with fire-proof and sound-absorptive materials. 


Sky Pest Sdn Bhd supplies and installs BROAN’s range of Fresh Air System (link to BROAN product page) in Malaysia. 


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