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NEMESIS Termite Baiting System

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The Nemesis termite baiting system is an Australian-designed and developed termite baiting system aimed at eliminating a termite colony in a safe non-invasive way. Registered by Australian Authorities, Nemesis termite bait is a registered product under the requirements of legislation administered by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority, a Federal Government instrumentality. The system uses a number of plastic bait stations for in-ground and above-ground installation where active termites have been located.


Does the Nemesis Termite Baiting System Work? 


It is an effective and efficient system that addresses the root at the nest (the colony, targeting species behavior-specific) while minimizing the amount of chemical usage (toxicity) that impacts the environment and is comparatively affordable. This system has been in the market for over 20 years, but remains the most effective method to treat a certain type of Subterranean Termite Species. 


*Kindly consult a professional to determine the species suitable for this method of treatment. 

*Warning of fake baiting systems in the market.


How Does Nemesis Work? 

The key ingredient of Nemesis baits is an attractive food source to the termites. Active ingredient infused into the food source affects the termite's natural growth cycle and eventually gradually destructs its own colony. 


Why Do I Need a Licensed Pest Controller to Carry Out the Treatment? 

Licensed Pest Controllers are trained and are experienced to make right decisions on various important factors that may affect the overall treatment success and safety. Such as, the termite biology, the surrounding ecology and changing conditions while undergoing treatment, conducive site conditions, building structure, entry points, in termite detection, and consultation, along with integrated termite management procedures. 


Giving you peace of mind with a retreatment warranty. 


*Cost of retreatment can possibly be higher if not done right at the first time.


What is the Duration of the Treatment until Colony Elimination?

In many cases it will take 6-12 weeks with occasions that take a few months before total colony elimination is affected. Factors such as the time of year, the size of the colony, and the species influence the duration. However, the activeness of the termites will gradually decline as it begins to feed on the baits, reducing further structural damages. 


During the baiting process, based on the observable bait consumption pattern, an interval between 2-4 weeks will take place until colony elimination. There are visible observable milestones and indicators that the baiting is working.


*Getting a proper treatment that comes with a warranty puts a cap on your cost of treatment. 


How Often Should the Nemesis In-ground Stations be Monitored?

This is largely dependable on the risk of the surrounding which the Pest Controller will propose. Generally, a 1-2 months interval is recommended, and at FOC if done concurrently with other Pest Control Services signed with the company. 


Will Placing Nemesis In-ground Stations Attract Termites To My House?


Inside the In-ground stations are wood inserts that do not have distant attractants. Termites cannot detect the timber inserts from far through the soil. The function of the stations is as an interceptor when an existing termite colony within the proximity is busy with its foraging activities. Therefore, as an early detection and treatment possibly before it enters the building premise, in many cases before considerable hidden damage occurs to your property.

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