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How Fresh Air Systems Cooperate with Air Conditioners?

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How Fresh Air Systems Cooperate with Air Conditioners?

Almost every house and office has an Air Conditioning System, AC. Poorly managed AC can cost a bomb on electricity and maintenance bills. Understanding how your HVAC works is important with the rising cost of living in an urban environment, and the increased time spent indoors.


HVAC stands for Heating, Ventilation, and Air-Conditioning to regulate Indoor Air Quality, IAQ. In a tropical climate, heating is not relevant but managing humidity is. 


The purpose of AC is to create comfort with the right temperature and humidity. Indoor air is drawn in, processed, and released back after regulated to the occupant’s desire. With this repetition, over a period, a lot of dust will accumulate that requires frequent cleaning, as frequent as bi-weekly to monthly. 


Sick Building Syndrome

AC recycles indoor air, that does not generate fresh air. Hence, stale air that is high in carbon dioxide, CO2 and other air pollutants is trapped indoors. Over a long period, poor IAQ can cause Sick Building Syndrome, such symptoms include tightness and dryness of the skin, nasal allergies, chest tightness, fatigue, and poor breathing. 


Humidity and Microorganisms Growth

An airtight environment with high humidity is also conducive to the growth of bacteria, mites, microorganisms, etc. Long-term inhalation of unhealthy air is an unseen respiratory threat that most people are not aware of.


The Dilemma 

It is recommended that AC should not turn on too long, and windows should be opened for ventilation occasionally, to promote indoor air circulation.


However, bringing in outdoor air will again increase the temperature and humidity. The AC will again have to work harder to regulate the air. Having a humidifier in an AC room defeats the purpose of regulating air and increasing energy consumption.


An Integrated Solution


Fresh Air System can solve this dilemma.

  • While maintaining indoor air AC regulated without opening windows for ventilation, the system exhausts stale air and brings in fresh air that dilutes CO2 with O2.

  • It complements the AC to run efficiently and prolongs its lifespan.

  • Added Bipolar Ionization, BPI technology, airborne viruses and pathogens are neutralized.

  • Each added feature is modular, hence are scalable to each room’s requirement with no significant structural changes. 


BROAN Fresh Air System, a partner for your Air-conditioner.


The Objective 
  • Clean indoor air. While efficiently purifying harmful airborne pollutants indoors, it intercepts the dust particles from the outdoors. WIth BROAN, it is safe to be in an AC environment with sealed doors and windows the whole day.

  • No more odor. BROAN removes all kinds of indoor odors, such as oil fumes from the kitchen, excessive humidity from the bathroom and second-hand smoke, etc.

  • Our body needs oxygen, O2 just as plants need the CO2 to grow. Occupants become lethargic and students lose focus in study when O2 levels are low. Especially children, unhealthy people, and the elderly. 

  • Room condition is not affected by weather changes. Parents can remotely access the system while outside and control the condition of the house for the elderly parents and children when needed.

  • BROAN complementing your AC system. Achieving both cooling and healthy air, and energy saving.

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