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Indoor Air Purification. What Options We Have?

An integrated solution for effectiveness and cost efficiency.



Photocatalytic Oxidation and Plasma Air Needle Point Brush Ion Generator works on bi-polarization ionization, BPI mechanism as an ionizer that produces negative and positive ions, and releases them into the air through a ventilation device. Once distributed into space, its volatile state will attach to other unstable substances such as bacteria and viruses, changing its composition and in so doing deactivate it. 


Cleaning the air via conventional Air Purifiers is a passive method, waiting for the viruses to make their way to the Air Handler, AHU and maybe get caught. Whilst a BPI mechanism is an offensive side of the technology, it chases and deactivates.


BPI neutralizes the indoor airborne microorganisms. Converting smaller PMs into larger clumps of dust that can be vacuumed. And, therefore improve the lifespan of HEPA filters. 


There are Pros and Cons to Ionization devices in the market. Non-tested devices and wrong application of the device could possibly generate energized ions that are detrimental to the environment and to the occupants..


*Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a multidisciplinary initiative. 

*BPI is a technology that requires certification that testified to its safety in application.

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