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Indoor Environment Services

What is Indoor Environment Services?


Indoor Environment Quality, IEQ refers to initiatives that regulate the various parameters that impact the quality of the indoor environment and therefore occupants’ wellness such as the air, lighting and ambience, and temperature. 


Sky Pest Sdn Bhd on promoting Urban Healthy Lifestyle | Pathogen-free Space Pollutant-free Air @ Home @ Work serves the area of Pest Management, Mold Treatment and Indoor Air Quality for Small & Medium size Residential & Commercial Premises. Our services include creating Awareness, Identifying & Isolating sources of pollution, and Restoring & Regulating the indoor environment.


*Begin with a Proper Planning with the advantage of Integrated Solution can potentially save you Money from unnecessary purchases, Time to coordinate different vendors and Long-term Hassle in Maintenance. 


Free Consultation. Call or Whatsapp +6019-3810988, or email

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