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BROAN DFB Ventilators improve indoor air quality by supplying fresh air and exhausting stale air.


Equipped with Multi-effect composite to eliminate odor and airborne particulates from offices, homes, classroom, work out space and more.


Designed to quietly provide a continuous supply of fresh air to each room — and keep the people in it healthy.


This system draw fresh air in, filter it, then distribute it throughout the rooms.


  • Effectively filter PM2.5, break down formaldehyde and benzene, killing harmful bacteria and absorbing odors

  • Air flow 120 to 400 CMH options

  • High efficiency primary and multi-effect composite filters

  • 2 modes operations

  • Easy maintenance

  • Low noise

Multi-Effect Filtration



  • Mounting of ventilator with ducting works connection and interlock with existing light / ready power point.
  • External air discharge louver installation with coring / hacking
  • Additional bracket RM150.00/set
  • Terms & Conditions
  • Payment terms : Full payment is required before the installation works begins
  • Installation charges does not include plastering / paint touch up work, unless specified or agreed
  • The above charges are only applicable within Klang Valley area only. For other areas, additional charges will be imposed
  • For installation outside Klang Valley, there will be an additional mileage charge of RM2.00 per KM
  • For outstation installation which requires more than 1 working day(8 Hours) there will be additional charge of RM250 / per day
  • Not inclusive of any additional / variation order work charges incurred due to (but not limited to) unforeseen omission during site visit, changes in building plans or designs, delay or disruption in work schedules, etc.


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DFB Multi-Effect Composite Filter Box

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