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BROAN DP Duct Ventilators



Composite filter box, DFB is added when an application requires filtered air to be introduced, to prevent entry of dust and impurities and contaminate the duct and indoor. 


Key Feature

  • 5-year warranty for motor

  • Low Noise

  • Corrosion Resistant

  • Ease of Maintenance

  • Horizontal or Vertical Mounting

  • Fire-proof and Sound Absorptive

  • Blowing or Suction Modes


  • DP Ventilators exhaust stale air or used with DFB supply fresh air to maintain good indoor air circulation. 

  • Made with high quality sound-absorptive materials and optimal design ensures low noise 16dB. 

  • Made with high corrosion resistance galvanized sheets. 

  • Easy maintenance through the side cover.


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DP Duct Ventilators

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