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BROAN NOAH Energy Recovery Bi-Directional Smart Fresh Air System

  • Maximum air delivery rate is 500m³/h, applicable to a floor area larger than 300m2

  • 5 air speed levels, allowing users to decide on ventilation

  • Standard H12 HEPA antibacterial and formaldehyde removal filter

  • Use DC motors for energy efficiency and noise reduction, as low as 39dB

  • Upgraded energy recovery rate to 60%, while improves comfort and energy saving

  • PM2.5 filtration up to 99%

  • Multiple working modes cater to needs: Full Fresh Air, Internal Circulation, Comfortable Mode, Intelligent Mode, Cool Air Mode.

  • LCD controller I-Touch with built-in temperature, humidity, PM2.5, carbon dioxide and TVOC sensors. Display real time measurement, using different colors indicating air quality level.

  • Mobile App control interface

  • Embedded with Nano mist sterilization technology.

  • Innovative fresh air inlet duct purging function. Users can regularly use this function to purge the air inlet duct according to the local outdoor air pollution situation.

  • Newly designed machine structure to optimize maintenance functions.


NOAH Energy Recovery Bi-Directional Smart Fresh Air System

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