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BROAN SOLO Energy Recovery Bi-Directional Fresh Air System 

  • Antibacterial rate: 99.99% (Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli).

  • Antiviral rate: 99.99% (H1N1).

  • PM2.5 filtration efficiency of the machine: 99%. 

  • Equipped with DC dual Motor to facilitate low-power operation, reducing heat of the motor and increasing the service life.

  • 5 air speed levels with noise reduction as low as 26dB.

  • The energy recovery core is washable, environmentally friendly and durable.

  • Micro-positive pressure air supply technology reduces impact on air backflow.

  • Outdoor cool air delivery technology.

  • Q-TOUCH Smart controller, PM2.5 laser sensor, accurate detection and intelligence.

  • Compact structure allows for easy installation and wider application range.

  • Optimized design makes daily maintenance more convenient.

SOLO Energy Recovery Bi-Directional Fresh Air System

Please enquire before ordering for price and stock availability.
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