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SAN-AIR Surface Mold Remover

  • Kills 99.9% of mold, bacteria and germs.

  • Non-corrosive formulation to eliminate mold down to the root system.

  • When it comes into contact with microbes, the mold stops from receiving oxygen, eliminating its ability to grow and reproduce.

  • Applied with a spray bottle, the product can be used for general cleaning. 


Certified as food safe and comply with ASNZ 3666.2.


Applications in air conditioning systems and air handlers, refrigerators and cold storage rooms. Safe on all surfaces such as Plastic, Timber, Canvas, Leather and vinyl, Fabric, Tiles, Laminate, Metal and chrome, Glass, Porcelain and Marble.


Direction for use, spray on the affected area and leave for 10 minutes. Wipe mold off with a clean cloth and discard the cloth, and repeat action if necessary. Spray again lightly and leave to air dry. The 2nd coat provides 4-5 months of protection from mold growth.

In a heavily contaminated environment leave a tub of SAN-AIR Gel for 24 hours prior to the cleaning process with Surface Mold Remover. This will limit the mycotoxins in the air and also cause mold to dry up, making it easier to remove.


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Surface Mold Remover

SKU: SA-630025
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