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Contain the Spread of Coronavirus. What Can SMEs and Homeowners Do?

An ‘Integrated Need-Based Solution’ is an answer. 

It need not have to be a space science level of technology or at the cost of a Maserati, instead, a well-planned system is cost-saving with the benefit of an Urban Healthy Lifestyle.



  1. Can filters catch Airborne bacteria and viruses (Microorganisms)?

  2. Are UV lights effective in killing germs?

  3. What’s humidity control got to do with fresh air?

  4. What is a Fresh Air System and ERV?

  5. What other options do we have?


Fresh air is for the occupants. Each room based on its usage determines the right balance of air exchanges required, which is the mechanism of exhausting stale air and drawing in the fresh air.


In areas of high odor and moisture sources such as bathrooms, locker rooms, janitor closets, and kitchens, the focus is on exhausting air out. Spaces like an office or school that don't have a dedicated pollutant source will focus on bringing in fresh air. The differential in air pressure and temperature spreads the air within the building. The calculation of fresh air consumption and indoor structure determines the location of exhaust points and incoming points, and how the air is spread through a ducting system. 


Ashrae 62.1 suggested fresh air by space and room usage measured in cfm/person.


* BROAN and Plasma Air solutions are modular and scalable that cater to SMEs and Home applications.

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